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Genres: Drama
Cast: Joe Anderson, Anna Anissimova, Billy Zane
Director: Giles Borg


John (Joe Anderson) is a professional gambler. His wife Helen (Laura Fraser) loves the highs of his wins and puts up with his loses because she loves him. It’s business as usual for John at the local dog track until one night he meets a mysterious new bookie named Stan (Anna Annissimova). John’s two best friends and gambling buddies, Wagner (Max Brown) and Adrian (Luke Evans) reluctantly place bets with Stan. When they win big, they all think they’ve hit pay dirt. Soon, the bets and the money start to dry up. When the guys become discouraged, Stan offers another way to win money with “special” bets that involve high stakes. Events start spiraling out of control as John and his friends dig themselves deeper into Stan’s pocket, until the stakes are raised to mind-blowing odds. With his friends and family on the line, John makes one last bet, and the stakes become deadly.

  • Official Selection: 2012 British Independent Film Festival
  • Official Selection: 2012 Santa Cruz Film Festival
  • Official Selection: 2012 Beverly Hills Film Festival
  • 'WINNER' Best Screenplay: 2012 British Independent Film Festival


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    IMDB: imdb.com/title/tt1381505/

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